Wealth management for sophisticated families is a journey,

and a thorough financial plan is the road map for a successful one. The plans that we customize for Famiglia Wealth clients include much more than just investment strategies and portfolio management.

We incorporate impactful topics into your plan

that include consideration for taxes, estate and business succession, employment benefits, insurance, philanthropy, gifting, and much more. We tailor our financial plans to the needs of our clients based on their particular stage of life – whether they are:


focused on earning, saving and paying down debt


readying their finances for retirement or the next phase of their active life


those in retirement committed to sustaining their wealth for the next generation

Our areas for focus include:

family wealth


tax efficient

Investment management


event planning


wealth transfer

Working with our clients’ other trusted advisors,

including legal, tax and family office professionals, we offer holistic solutions to help them pursue their short-term and long-range goals. We also make introductions and referrals to other professionals, such as investment bankers, whose services can add value to our client’s financial relationship.

We provide discretionary investment management services

that are tailored to specifically align with the objectives and policies set out in your financial plan. We also assist with private stock ownership issues. For business owners, we offer our invaluable experience in helping with the planning and implementation of liquidity events.

Resource Partners

As an independent firm, Famiglia Wealth works in an open architecture, which allows us to access an unlimited range of investment products and solutions. We have partnered with industry leaders to provide our clients with high quality services and investment solutions.

Quality Services

Investment Solutions

BNY Mellon’s Pershing is the world-class custodian we have selected to safeguard our clients’ assets. BNY Mellon has over $40 Trillion in global client assets under custody. Founded by Alexander Hamilton, BNY Mellon is the oldest continuously operating bank in America.

$25 Billion RIA based in Indianapolis, provides Famiglia Wealth with operational, practice management, investment, and planning support for growing and managing our practice.

eMoney provides best-in-class technology to our clients for online access to their investment accounts, along with a mobile app, and the ability to view their entire financial life and plan in one place.